Episode 718 - Political Tuesday of Hearsay, Lies, And A Resistance By A Corrupt Congress

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Nov 19 2019 40 mins  
Take your Democrat and Republican hats off, put your hate to the side. Your constitution is under attack through hearsay, lies and a resistance movement to destroy America. To divide America at all costs. Our legal rights are being replaced by political accusations, hearsay, rummer - but no rules of law. Put yourself in the seat of the accused, you have no way to prove your innocents, your prosecutor and judge is endorsing your guilt and giving you no way to prove your innocents. We can't even confront our accuser, we can't read any documents of evidence, we can't even present our own witnesses. We are screwed by a corrupt politician and our rights have been thrown out. It could happen, it is happening right before our eyes. We have to hold these politicians accountable for attacking the constitution instead living the words of their oath to you and me to defend and support the constitution. If you have any comments send me a text to 818.252.5682 www.lodge-co.com