Episode 723 - Trump Impeachment Inquirery Recap

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Nov 21 2019 29 mins  
Adam Shiff in his closing statement at the end of today's hearing sounded like an emotional child. Emotions, raising of voice, pouting because he didn't like what people said. However, with this emotional outburst had no legal standing for impeachment. This nation deserves better, not a Schiff who is so emotional but has not legal standing. No one testified to what laws were broken. No one testified on the constitutionality of impeachment. But what we heard was hearsay.and no evidence that supports impeachment. Americans have to ask their members of Congress, why are you wasting tax dollars, how many millions of dollars have been spent on impeachment. All to play politics. This surly was not a legal issue because no legal concerns were brought forward with documentation. This whole impeachment has been known since day one of the election of the President. We have been seeing this for three straight years. In these three years not one law was broken by the President. Not one legal argument. Just assumptions. If you have any comments send me a text to 818.252.5682 www.lodge-co.com