Up Coming Kart Events in and Around Northern California

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Nov 26 2019 16 mins  
Current Sponsor is Rok Cup USA Sponsor for our weekly upcoming events podcasts.
Quick mention of all events
Sponsored event receive added details and notes, plus mention Norcal Karters Calendar

November 28 - Thanksgiving - Favorite Holiday (close 1st with Jim Kidds Superbowl Party’s)
November 30 - Sonoma NCK Round 1 -
December 6-7 - Vintage Karting Days at Kinsmen Kart Club
December 7 - Awards Banquet - Rok Sonoma (one of our Sponsors regional program)
December 8 - Awards Banquet - Blue Max ( I attended last year )

Highlight Series coming up in Podcasts -
Plug Norcal Karters Calendar
Recent Past Events -
November 23, 2019 - Swap Meet - Stockton
Nov 20 - 24 - SKUSA SuperNationals
Scott Speed Podcast

Looking for sponsors for the 2020 Racing Season.
With support of Rok Sonoma and a few private donations
Upgraded studio equipment
Paid for a year of hosting and services for podcast, website, and other subscriptions to keep Norcal Karters rolling
Ran paid ads for the Stockton Swap meet
Norcal Karters will host no less than 4 Swap meets in 2020
If your club would like to host, contact me
20/20 Vision
Promote a local club
Bring a friend or new person out