Episode 732 - Another Week Ahead Of Impeachment

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Dec 01 2019 25 mins  
Another week of hearings in the Judiciary Committee on Impeachment. Different committee but same topic. Remember to listen very well. Do the Democrats continue with their political agenda to impeach or will there be a real constitutional argument. If they are pushing a political argument, their word to use to impeach the President on, then they have no constitutional basis. Congress doesn't get to set the impeachment rules to impeach on, they have to follow the constitution and the rule of law. Don't believe them when they say they have that power, they don't. We need to move on, the country is waiting for a trade bill to be passed, a drug bill, infrastructure bill, and bills that will help the American people. For three years now the Democrats have only pushed impeachment, they have preached it every single day since the President took his oath of office. Congressman Nadler wanted to impeach Bush and now he wants to impeach Trump, he has a history and love for impeachment. Tell Congress to get back to work, they work for us the American people, they do not work for any party. We pay their salary, not special interest groups and not the Democratic or Republican parties. Get back to work. Elections are coming up and their names are going to be on the ballet and maybe their last time. If you have any topics you would like me to discuss, send me a text to 818.252.5682 www.lodge-co.com