PT1-Dealing With Anxiety

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Dec 03 2019 25 mins  
Anxiety is all too prevelent during the holidays. Some of us are stressed about getting gifts, financial strain, loss of the job as companies tighten up their bottom line toward year end...but some have suffer form the loss of a loved one, broken home, divorce and many other stresses. In any case, the LORD JESUS CHRIST can and will provide you a peace that surpasses all understanding-and do so supernaturally. This is part 1 of a 3-part series on anxiety and the solution-which is God through His Son Jesus Christ. This is the reason for the Christmas season. We post a new Reason For Truth podcast episode every Tuesday and Thursday. This series on Anxiety will post three consecutive Tuesday. My prayer is that it helps you discover the peace that only Jesus can provide you. Tune in and SUBSCRIBE to the Reason For Truth in iTunes or in SPREAKER so that you don't miss any episodes of the Reason For Truth Podcast. God bless you this Christmas season.