Episode 734 - Democrats Only Presidential Candidate - IMPEACHMENT

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Dec 03 2019 33 mins  
The Democrats are in trouble. They have no candidate that has a vision or a plan that works for America. A more tax, free stuff, high debt, healthcare to illegal aliens, Americans that live between New York and California, don't want higher taxes, they are concerned about their families, jobs, housing, communities. They don't want to pay for everyone else when they are trying to live. So the only candidate the Democrats have is - Impeachment. Americans want work to be done by Congress, they have no desire to impeach. Forget the polls, turn off Fox, CNN and all of the other new outlets, they are pushing their own agenda. Not American agenda. Listen very carefully to the impeachment hearings, the only question we should be asking as Americans - is it constitutional? Have they proven a crime? Has the President been protected by the constitution or is he being attacked by politics alone. It all boils down to the constitution and the legality of a crime. That is it, and we are the jury, we decide through our vote.If you would like to send a question or comment, or tell me what topics in business and taxes you would like for me to talk about, send me a text to - 818.252.5682 www.lodge-co.com