Being in Alignment to Avoid Burn Out & More

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Dec 13 2019 46 mins  
Kate interviews Dr Faith Brown, Counseling Psychologist, Performance Strategist, Business Mentor, Author, Speaker, Professor, Radio Personality, & Expert Panelist coaching individuals and corporate entities in posturing for the next level. Specializing in relationships, she leverages her knowledge in neuropsychology and behaviorism with more than 25 years in the corporate sector to facilitate personal and professional development. She believes that every relationship embodies an element of psychology. Integral to that is understanding the oneness of self – the vertical relationship (mind, body, and spirit) is key to the success for all relationships. Dr Brown’s seminal research and publication on the mental health of oncologists led to the founding of The Brown Wellness Group in New York City and to the production of her Book entitled “Burnout – The Gift”. She has lectured extensively on the Health and Resiliency of Physicians, The Power and Brilliance of Women, Intergenerational Diversity and the Art of Collaboration in the Workplace and The Impact of Social Media for the Helping Professions. She has received numerous awards from the healthcare industry and seeks to show others how to manifest love and rewards in their own lives.