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Dec 16 2019 120 mins  
#Brexit #TooFarLeft Rick Manning joins to discuss the implications that the Brexit vote in England bodes here in America as Conservatives over whelmed the liberals in Britain after years of being beat up. The Democrats have so invested in Impeachment and green deals and their socialized medical plans are that they appear unable or unwilling to hear the people. Also we wish you a Merry Christmas, the President does as well.

#YourHealth Michael Schwartz owner of Michaels Naturopathic Health joins us to discuss the benefits of supplements. As someone that uses Michaels products I have partnered with Michael for all of our benefits. By entering the code pastorgreg you receive a 20% discount and the ministry receives a donation from Michael's. In addition we will be putting together some package deals that are general good health packages for men and for women. Michael's products were instrumental in saving my life.

#ParisClimateChange Bonner Cohen National Center for Policy Research and CFACT joins us to discuss the current meetings in Madrid Spain and the incessant disinformation about climate change that is misleading the world and Americans.

#StopPornNow Jessica Hill a former porn star and escort who ran her own service for a number of years discusses the issue of porn and children being exposed to it at an early age. How that exposure leads to a life of pursuing it and battling to get free from it.