Episode 750 - Americans Are Impeachment Fatigued

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Dec 17 2019 27 mins  
This morning I have been listening to the Congress debate on how to debate in Congress on the impeachment. Then I listened to people who are fed up with the whole process. Those in support of Trump don't trust the Democrats and the Republicans. They are being attacked with comments from bloggers, internet programs, Fox, CNN, commentators, analysts, about this impeachment. I can hear in the voices that they are so frustrated that it has caused mental and health issues. It is time for this to end. The only option that Americans have is to vote out and clean the Congress. Enough of impeachment upon more impeachment. Is the President being set up by even his own party. These questions are going through the minds and hearts of the American people. One lady said she is only going to listen to the President, she is shutting off everything else, just so she can keep her mind clear of everything else. Perhaps it is time for Americans to step back, take a deep breath, and only focus on cleaning out the Congress so we can get back to business and not focused on a political coup called impeachment. Let's take back our nation and let us get back to our normal lives.If you have a comment send it by text to 818.252.5682 www.lodge-co.com