Episode 763 - We Are Under Attack By Nancy Pelosi

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Jan 06 2020 21 mins  
Over the weekend all we heard from Nancy Pelosi and all the Democrats on how bad it was to take out a terrorist that had attacked America. We were under attack, the President responded with force, it killed General Soleimani, second in command of Iran. He flew into Iraq to organize more attacks on American assets. The President did the right thing. But the astonishing thing is that the Democrats through their hate of Trump were trying to protect Soleimani. They cried, they said we were going into a third world war to scare Americans. They did not support America, they didn't try to protect America from Terrorist, instead they were in support of the Terrorist Soleimani. The President was right in his actions. There will not be a world war, no one has to sign up for the draft, we are not going to war. However, as a strong America we will respond to attacks from the terrorist nation of Iran. Pelosi is now trying to limit the President in responding to attacks on America. This is an act of power and corruption that we are seeing day by day in the Democratic party - hate for America. This has got to stop. Enough is enough. Americans have got to take back the Congress and eliminate the enemy within.If you have any questions send a text to 818.252.5682 www.lodge-co.com