Episode 775 - Once Again California Attacks Small Business with AB5

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Jan 26 2020 19 mins  
California has again decided that tax money is more important to small businesses, those that use to have the right to work when they wanted to, take away their tax deductions, destroy their prior business relationships with a bill called AB5. California wants everyone to work as an employee because it brings in more taxes to the state of California. It needs to be repealed. It is forcing people to go out of business by losing contracts that they worked on before, they are losing their work. It is time that Californians rise up and take back their state. It is time to let the Assembly, Senate and Governor know that you are angry and it is time to repeal this law. Now I am in Palm Beach, Florida but I have clients that are being affected in California - so I am fighting for my clients. The gig and independent contractor economy was doing fine, there were already federal and state laws that allow small businesses to report their income and expenses, but California decided to destroy the small business community with AB5. If you have any questions or have a comment, send me a text to 818.252.5682 www.lodge-co.com