05 Steadiness on Purpose - Ron Hart on SCB

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Feb 13 2020 50 mins  
05 Steadiness on Purpose - Ron Hart on SCBRon Hart is a connector for the Kingdom and called to the unity movement of God’s Ekklesia. A blue collar and teacher’s background, Ron’s marketplace ministry focus has allowed him to connect and build relationships with several movers and shakers in that realm. He has worked with Os Hillman, Ed Silvoso, and James and Anna Kramer, as well as our own Gil and Adena Hodges, to name a few.Topics:- Kevin McCarthy Books: The On-Purpose Person and The On-Purpose Business Person- Peter Lowe- Gospel of the Kingdom- Importance of your Rolodex (contact list)- Steadiness factor/calmness- Relationships, Relationships, Relationships- Identity & character- 51/49 Partnerships- Being positive attracts people- Workaholism- Being all in, having skin in the game- Being politically engaged and activeQUOTES:“Validate the person, evaluate the behavior.”“To learn from your own mistakes is wise, to learn from the mistakes of others is genius.”“The currency of success is relationships.”SCB ACADEMY Training: Why is Your Why Your Why? Counting the Costhttp://SpiritCenteredBusiness.com/memberLINKS:Os Hillman’s free ebook: How to Discover Why God Made Youhttp://www.marketplaceleaders.org/Ron’s project on why we need to vote:http://pray4SantaCruz.comWelcome to the Spirit-Centered Business podcast where we blend the spiritual with the practical for supernatural results. The Next Age of doing business by being spirit-centered is coming together in collaboration, working with spiritual principles, and knowing our destiny. If you’re ready to align with your destiny and discover the destiny of your business, join us! We are entrepreneurs, leaders, and business professionals who take the power of the spirit realm in our business seriously. We go beyond just consuming information. We participate, activate, and engage with the supernatural with unbelievable results. If you want to gather with like-minded professionals to activate spiritual principles and mastermind creative solutions to business challenges, Spirit-Centered Business is your tribe. Go to SpiritCenteredBusiness.com to become a member today.http://BralynnNewby.com