Episode 781 - Nancy Pelosi And A Hate Filled Democratic Congress

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Feb 05 2020 25 mins  
I was inspired by the President's State of the Union message to the nation. Trump outlined what accomplishments have been done for the American people and what still needs to get done. However, on the Democratic side we saw angry hateful faces, sitting there, shaking their heads and mumbling hate. Not one stood up for the good things for America or for the ones who lost their lives, got scholarships, military united with their families, a President of a country fighting for his country. Not one stood up, hating everything American. We the people were watching and saw that Nancy Pelosi stood up, right behind the President of the United States, and tore up his speech in the face of Americans. This hate is no longer acceptable. Childish behavior from the Speaker shows that her hate is more important then the needs of the American people. This has got to stop. I have now realized that no Democrat should be President, no Democrat should be a member of Congress or the Senate, no Democrat should be the speaker of the House - until they stop hating, decide who they are as a party. This hate must be stopped by the American people by voting out hate. If you have any questions or comments, send me a text at 818.252.5682 www.lodge-co.com