Episode 782 - Stop Being Politically Mad And Accomplish Something

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Feb 06 2020 34 mins  
The Acquittal is over. Stop the hate. Do something and accomplish something that will help someone else. And find people running for office who have accomplished something. If they haven't accomplished anything that means something, don't go with that person. If they haven't accomplished anything they are not going to accomplish anything in the future - for you. Stop sitting in front of cable news and getting mad and hating everyone. Watching hate drives you to hate. Stop the hate momentum and do something for your church, community, or program that will make a difference in your life and other peoples lives. Sitting around and hating just makes you an old snarled up old snail not going anywhere. If you are wasting time sitting around and calling people names on social media, just spinning what you have heard, have not really thought about something so you just follow, you are just going to get more filled with hate. Take the hate and do something that helps other and the hate will go away. Sit down with people that think differently then you, don't get mad, just listen. Remember the goal is to get up with a better understanding and leave as friends. Just because they don't agree with you it makes them racist. It just makes them a friend that thinks differently then you. How many friends have you lost because of hate filled politics? Probably a lot. So stop it. If you have any comments send me a text to 818.252.5682 www.lodge-co.com