Episode 784 - Vidman And The Politics of Politicians

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Feb 08 2020 38 mins  
Yesterday there were some terminations at the White House. We were warned about it about a week ago, no surprise but politicians are turning this story into a political spin. Pelosi came out with a statement in support of Vidman, in fact the majority of the Democrats did the same. However, there is are always two sides of a story. Vidman was NOT fired, he still has his job, all of his benefits, because he still works for the Military, just not at the White House. The President waited until the Impeachment was Acquitted to let him go from the National Security staff at the White House. So question the political spin. In fact, I suggest that we all really listen to what politicians say, there is never truth being said, it is a part of a story or spin. Question everything, don't be a lamb that follows, be a bull and lead by questioning everything. If you have any questions or statements, send me a text to 818.252.5682 www.lodge-co.com