Episode 787 - Looking at California's AB1928 For Independent Contractors

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Feb 11 2020 27 mins  
SB5 was passed in 2019 and went into effect January 2020 that affects the gig community and all independent contractors in the State of California. Assembly members in the State Legislature have heard from many angry Californians and have drafted SB1928 that relines most of the original bill. However, they added a new line that says if you a licensed profession you now have to get a contractors license. What do they mean by contractors license? No explanation in the bill as to what it is. So they are trying to help small business people however what is a contractors license? Do you have to sit for a test? Or is it just a form you fill out with the state and pay a fee for a contractors license? I have sent a message to the writer of the bill for clarification. Read the bill by going to the California website of the Assembly where you can type in SB1928 and read it. If you have any questions, send me a text at 818.252.5682 www.lodge-co.com