Episode 790 - What Do Democrats Really Stand For?

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Feb 17 2020 33 mins  
The Democrats have become incompetent, I am at a place where I do not know what their party stands for. Do they stand for America or do they stand for Socialism and hate? Their economic plan is not understandable, they don't even know how much it is going to cost Americans. Sanders said, "I Don't Know How Much It Will Cost". You have Mayor Pete that has a bad record of running a city and bad relations with his own police department, he called them racist. Warren jumps all over the place depending what group she is talking to. I still havn't forgotten she thinks she is Indian. Bloomberg is now tossing the idea out to bring in Clinton as his VP running mate, the women who called every American deplorable. Biden, who knows what he thinks. Biden has so much political baggage that if he were elected the first day he would be impeached. And all of the other candidates are worthless, they do not have a message for America, they just have a political agenda that doesn't do anything to build the confidence from Americans. We know what Trump stands for, but the Democrats I don't see a message that loves America. If you have any comments send a text to 818.252.5682