07 Transforming Who You Are Being - Gary Henson on Spirit-Centered Business

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Feb 27 2020 66 mins  
GOLD NUGGETS for Business!07 Transforming Who You are Being - Gary Henson on Spirit-Centered BusinessGary Henson is the Founder and President of internationally known BusinessCoach.com. He has personally coached over 500 organizations, and over 7,000 individuals as an industry expert business coach. Coach Gary is also a passionate philanthropist and the co-founder of The Make a Difference Project, a non-profit organization committed to ending domestic violence. He is an active board member of Bayside Church of Citrus Heights. Gary also sits on the Board of Directors of the Northern California Filmmakers Coalition. His legacy goal is to donate 90% of his income to his favorite ministries and charities. Gary is the past President of the Sacramento Fellowship of Marketplace Christians and currently the President of the Top 20 Thought Leaders of Sacramento. TOPICS:- Being the answer to your clients’ prayer- Healing relationships thru your business- Look at lives through a different lens- Business as Ministry- Going beyond typical business relationships- Commonality of language- Being empathetic- Obedience- Divine coincidences- Being open-minded to your deeper truth- 2-way dialogue with God- Redemptive spiritual gifts- Universal spiritual principles- Personal growth by getting feedback- How to achieve long-term change- Process of transforming- Get in the game- Jim Selman, Steven Covey, Patrick Lencioni- Ken Blanchard, John Maxwell, Steve Chandler- Mind-expanding coaching- Leadership- Productivity- Coaching in a 1-year relationship- Shaping your worldviewGOLD NUGGET TEACHINGS: 3 Things a Coach Can Do for Their Clients That They Cannot Do for ThemselvesHave an Outside, Objective OpinionBecome an Accountability PartnerBecome a Change Agent to shape a brand new future3 Critical QuestionsWhat do you want to be different in your life?What are the barriers to making that shift?What are you willing to change to get to that new future?Key to Laser Focusing on the Right ClientsAsk your successful ones, “What is the #1 thing you get out of working with me?”Then focus on finding people who need that.QUOTES:“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”“Where are you afraid to dream?”“You may have changed the goal, but you didn’t change the way you were being.”SCB ACADEMY TRAINING: Become a World Class Coach - How to Create Your EdgeJoin us here: http://SpiritCenteredBusiness.com/memberLINKS:The FREE HUSTLE GUIDE for anyone who dares to Dream. Make 2020 a year where you never let anything hold you back again. Replace excuses with execution.http://BusinessCoach.comABOUT SCB:Welcome to the Spirit-Centered Business podcast where we blend the spiritual with the practical for supernatural results. The Next Age of doing business by being spirit-centered is coming together in collaboration, working with spiritual principles, and knowing our destiny. If you’re ready to align with your destiny and discover the destiny of your business, join us! We are entrepreneurs, leaders, and business professionals who take the power of the spirit realm in our business seriously. We go beyond just consuming information. We participate, activate, and engage with the supernatural with unbelievable results. If you want to gather with like-minded professionals to activate spiritual principles and mastermind creative solutions to business challenges, #SpiritCenteredBusiness is your tribe. Go to