Episode 793 - I Am A Capitalist And Proud Of It

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Feb 21 2020 33 mins  
I am a capitalist and I am proud of it. Capitalism has been a success and socialism - in any form - has failed. Capitalism is the best economic and social system in which you and I participate every single day. It is free market competition, not a form of central government and it's regulating bodies, who dictate everything. Under capitalism everyday prices and wages are determined by the business forces of supply and demand, not by what a government says it will be. Under Capitalism you and I can be whatever we want to be, take any risk, build, grow, determine our own futures. Socialism in all forms wipes that away because the government and the elite feel they know better. The law of the land gets wiped away because the socialist believes their way is right, democracy goes away and you and I get no say. That is Socialism. If you have any questions or comments, send me a text at 818.252.5682