Episode 794 - Bernie Sanders, Socialism And The Russians

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Feb 23 2020 22 mins  
Sanders is ahead in the Democratic polls. He is not even a Democrat, he is not even a socialist, he is right on the edge of being a communist. If Sanders were applying for a Cabinet post, he would never pass an FBI background check. When he attended the University of Chicago, Sanders joined the Young People's Socialist League, the youth wing of the Socialist Party USA. He organized communist events and was a front, the United Packinghouse Workers Union, that was under investigation by the House Committee on Un-American Activities. He headed the American People's History Society, hat is an organ for marxist propaganda. The produced a documentary on the life of socialist revolutionary Eugene Debs, who was jailed for espionage during the Red Scare and hailed by the Bolsheviks as "America's greatest Marxist." Bernie has made a lot of promises to give American's free stuff, but that stuff comes with a prices and it is call socialist marxist views on controlling the American people. Bernie should be considered an enemy of the people, not a friend, not a leader. Bernie will take this country, our freedoms and destroy them because he believes in an elite form of government where he takes control of every process of living. That is scary and unaccaptable to the American people.