Episode 796 - Bernie Sanders Socialist System On America

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Feb 26 2020 40 mins  
Socialism is socialism. There is no such thing as Democratic Socialism, these two words don't even go together. They are both opposites. You can't put bright red lipstick on a pig and expect it to look better, it doesn't work. Bernie Sanders can't even tell us how he is going to pay for it. So he produces a piece of paper that was suppose to tell us how we was going to pay for this free stuff. Then when you look at the number nothing adds up. Why in the world would any American vote for something when they can't even explain how much it is going to pay for it. Would you buy a new car not knowing all the fees, the interest rates, all the hidden costs? If you do your an idiot. You want to know how much it is going to cost you. Because if you don't it will be a disaster to you and you will start hating that new car. Americans, use some commonsense. You students that wanted an education, you made the choice to sign on that contract to take out a student loan. That was your choice, not my choice. Since you made that choice you have to pay for it. Instead of being ethical in your obligations you run to Bernie Sanders and the other Democratic candidates because they are offering to wipe that debt away. A lot of that loan money was federal money, not one of those candidate can just wipe it away, it will never get through Congress. In fact all of this free stuff Bernie is offering you has to go through Congress and the Senate, it will never get passed. It is all a pipe dream that you are falling for. That is what socialism does, it makes promises and takes away your freedom of choice and democracy. And you are falling for it. Where is your commonsense? If you have a comment or question, send me a text to 818.252.5682 www.lodge-co.com