Episode 797 - California State Assembly Screws Independent Contractors Again!

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Feb 28 2020 27 mins  
Assemblyman Kevin Kiley introduced AB1928 to repeal AB5 that has done so much damage to small businesses and gig businesses. However, Democrats in the Assembly stopped the bill, 50 to 15. Democrats admit there is something wrong with the law and is going to make changes to it, but with those changes come more requirements. Adding nonsense to an already worthless bill. Democrats know there is a problem and there are 30 bills wanting to make changes to an already bad bill. So they know it is a bad bill but refuse to repeal it because they will lose tax money. AB5 was so badly written and the Dems know it but will not help Californians to fix it or repeal it. Lorane Gonzalez who wrote the bill is such a bad politician because she is tied to so many special interest groups, especially the unions. She is bought and paid for by the special interest groups and this does damage to Californians. California needs change in Sacramento, people have got to start voting these individuals out. If an politician in California has a "D" by their name, and they are not working for Californians, vote them out of office. It is time for changeand it has to happen starting in November.If you live in Sacramento, vote Pelosi out of office and put in John Dennis (www.realjohndennis.com), if you are in Adam Shiffs district, vote him out and put in Eric Early. If you start chipping away at the top and work down, then the message will be heard loud and clear. But it has to start this 2020 elections. Let's make a change, it has to happen before the whole state is destroyed. Text me at 818.252.5682 www.lodge-co.com