Episode 799 - Super Tuesday Message To Socialism NO!

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Mar 04 2020 33 mins  
Remember it is all about the delegate numbers. Super Tuesday was full of surprises, however the message was clear. NO to socialism. The only states that said yes were very liberal states. As I have been saying, if you voted for Bernie Sanders you are a Socialist - not a Democrat. But the states that Sanders should have won said no, they want a leader that is not a socialist. After they add up all of the delegates for California the delegate count for both Sanders and Biden will be just about even. After all of us staying up at night watching this election, we still have no leader. It is between two individuals, a socialist and a liberal. Warren could not even win her own state, which is a good sign for her to end her campaign, same with Bloomberg. But the message America is telling Sanders - no to Socialism. If you have a comment send me a text to 818.252.5682 www.lodge-co.com