Episode 802 - COVID-19 And American Grit

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Mar 10 2020 22 mins  
Cases of the COVID-19 or coronavirus as we incorrectly call it have topped 100,000 world-wide with more than 3400 deaths reported. Companies are telling their workers to stay home and work, sporting events no longer have audiences, the stock market has lost more then $5 trillion dollars. Governments are calling for calm, only 1% of those infected are likely to die from the virus. There is no need for self-imposed quarantine. Food supplies will not run dry. But the advice falls on deaf ears. And the media, who is the blame for all this panic, continues to create panic on the United States. I read this good advice - Forget the crises of the day. Fr the sake of your company's long-term health, break out of the state of fear and paralysis that is gripping the world and focus on nuturing the kind of productivity that will see you through to the other side. Grab the bull by the horns - just be sure to wash your hands. If you have a comment or questions, send a text to 818.252.5682 www.lodge-co.com