Episode 803 - California Assembly Draft Bills of Stupidity

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Mar 11 2020 27 mins  
The California Assembly have bills that have been submitted. AB850 - employers must give employees a week in advance their work schedule for the next 21 days. No business can do this, they don't know what their needs are 21 days out. AB2070 forces everyone in California to vote, you have to turn in a ballot, you have to show up. AB826 prohibits stores from separating boys and girls clothing or products. If you do you will be faced with a fine. AB873 says that if you make a product, let's say it is razors or male and female. One razor may be silver for men, another one pink for women. Now it may cost a more to paint the razor pink. However, both razors have to be priced at the same price. Now he question is why does government have to tell businesses what to do or how to price their products? That turns a capitalist into a socialist. California has become 100% socialist and pushing a socialist agenda to control every thing that a business does. California has politicians that are causing so much damage to the state and they don't care. They want to tell you exactly what you can and can't do. The legislature has designed a way to drive businesses out of California, in fact they will even drive you to the border - and tax you for it. When are Californians going to stand up to the State Legislature and say enough and vote them out of office? Don't you think it is about time or don't you care? Care, because the laws being voted on in Sacramento is going to kill your business at some point in the near future. Either move out or do something. If you have any questions or comments, send me a text to 818.252.5682. www.lodge-co.com