Episode 804 - You Can Make It through COVID-19 - Don't Panic

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Mar 12 2020 22 mins  
There are so many places you can go to be proactive in education of yourself on the virus. Be proactive and know the precautions you should be doing all the time. We should be doing this daily, we live in an international community where people are traveling across borders and people that have access to travel across the United States. We are a moving society and need to be proactive in our personal healthcare habits. It is up to us. But going into a panic mode does nothing except make you look foolish. Follow the healthcare rules and you will make it through. www.cdc.gov/coronavirus is the website to go to. Be Proactive and not a person that panics - take control over your healthcare habits. If you have any questions send me a text to 818.252.5682 www.lodge-co.com