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Mar 16 2020 120 mins  
#InOtherNews Rick Manning President Americans for Limited Government Joins to discuss some of the other headlines you might miss due to the Corona Virus coverage. There is actual other news out there unrelated to the virus...

In Italy, which is heavily burdened (Major thug nailed):

Bill Gates stepped down from two boards (Microsoft and Berkshire):

The failed candidate for Florida governor Andrew Gillem knows how to have a good time in the spirit of the movie "Less than Zero"

US Forces conducted a retaliatory strike against Iranian backed Militia in Iraq:

Federal Agents conduct the first in a series of Anti-Cartel Raid netting 250 gangland members: https://abc7.com/dea-agents-execute-drug-cartel-targeted…/…/

A lady on Long Island got thirteen years for working for the deep state, I mean ISIS: https://www.justice.gov/…/long-island-woman-sentenced-13-ye…

From the files of antics in federal contracting the pentagon's massive cloud computing contracting may permit Bezos another bite at the apple, thank you Jim Mattis: https://www.federaltimes.com/…/the-pentagon-was-to-reconsi…/

#ChinaGovtPlan #CoronaVirusFromChina Nan Su Epoch Times joins Pastor Greg to discuss how the Chinese Government appears to have planned this outbreak and how they are pushing for approval on a remedy they alreay had. Further they are threatening ght supply of medicine and other essentials to the US another reason why President Trump's policy on China and on asking American comapanies and consumers to be less dependent on China is now making even mire sens. And it is happening!

#IslamicAntisemitism Dr Andrew G Bostom MD joins us to discuss the extreme antisemitism and violence being done to Jews around the world by Islamists around the world. The hate is increasing and historically it has started with the Jews and then gone to the Christians. At this time both are under attack. Dr Bostom discusses the realities of this picture and dispell the false narratives coming from Imam's who are trying to deflect from the problem.