Cognitive bias marketing harms your business and message

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Mar 22 2020 28 mins  
Thinking what you want to be the truth because you like it but can not prove it sets up a world of problems.

Cognitive bias marketing harms your business and message is the title of S5.E05.N099 hosted by Brand Messaging Strategist Loren Weisman.

All too often online we are told exactly what we need and why we need it, yet in many cases, we are left with out the facts to know if it is true or if it is true any longer. They hype and a mix of the snake oil sales types mixed with those that may have their hearts in the right place but not have their information up to date can cause disaster.

Cognitive bias marketing harms your business and message is the topic here. Weisman goes in to the meaning of cognitive bias and how harmful it can be to a business and a brand. Loren also discusses the touch points of how a brand discovery can help a business understand that perception can be very different from intention.

From looking at who you want to work through a wider set of eyes to see if what they share has the authority, validity and integrity, to looking at how the message you share could be received differently than how you intend, the result allows for better decisions and better paths.

At the same time it is understanding that this is something you can not fix in others. And while it is impossible to change some minds, inside of the way you approach your messaging, you do have an opportunity to reach more minds and open some doors that have been closed before.

In the consideration of what some believe, even if it is completely untrue, the tone, temperature and tact used to communicate yourself, your products and your services can help you stand out in a more authentic and humble way.

Consider keeping the messaging and marketing more on the subjective side over trying to overstate and pressure others to buy in. Consider being a voice of engagement over a spammy know it all sales person.

S5.E05.N099 Cognitive bias marketing harms your business and message.

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Cognitive bias marketing harms your business and message