Episode 811 - Easter Business Ramp up and Office Healthcare Directives

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Mar 25 2020 21 mins  
China has announced there is a new virus spreading across China called the Hantavirus. So the question is - how will governments address this with China? All government should be locking down China until they fix their problem. Americans and businesses in the United States can't continue to be locked down with every virus that attacks us. Government has to attack the virus by not allowing China to have access to the world until they take care of their healthcare and virus issues in their country. Also, businesses need to be proactive and start planning their ramp up for opening our businesses. We also have to write a healthcare objective on how we handle viruses inside our offices and businesses. We have to be the ones in charge of the health inside our offices. Employees need to know that we are watching out for them and we are all working together on the health of the business. Not just financial health but the health of everyone in the business. You have time to put your ramp up business plan and healthcare directive in place. Get to work. If you have any questions send Michael a text to 818.252.5682 www.lodge-co.com