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Mar 26 2020 27 mins  
NEPA is a 50-year-old federal regulation subjecting major construction projects and land management decisions to layers of permitting and oversight, and has been left untouched for more than 40 years. The White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) recently proposed an expedited review process to promote more coordination among government agencies and to have a more streamlined focus. President Donald Trump declared that this reform would "further expand America's unprecedented economic boom." The public comment period for the NEPA reform proposal ends on March 10.

"NEPA unnecessarily impedes the growth and improvement of our economy and infrastructure," the Project 21 leaders wrote. "Furthermore, it keeps Americans who want to work from being able to find good jobs that will provide them and their families with income, opportunity and advancement."

An "unwillingness by special interests and the media to embrace [NEPA] review and reform" specifically hurts "disadvantaged black Americans seeking jobs in construction, service and related industries," said Project 21's co-chairmen, adding that the "[b]est way to create equality and economic mobility is through good jobs."