Episode 813 - Media Buzz And Hope For Disaster

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Mar 27 2020 31 mins  
Every single day the media spouts and spins hate and bad news. They want to see America fail because of this virus and blame it on the President. They want to make it racist. They want to report bad stories that have no basis, they screw up the numbers to support their own media political agenda. They are reporting the news, instead they are pushing a hate filled agenda to destroy America and the President. I would suggest, turn off the news. Every single news outlet are doing the same reporting of doom and gloom. Limit your news intake, look at the CDC and get better numbers. What the media says is news is far from it. Turn them off.Now, if you are a overseas foreign worker stationed in the UAE, Dubai, and you need someone to talk to through this healthcare crisis. Through April 20th 2020. To talk with me you can book time on www.calendly.com/mlodge and we will have a zoom chat. This is free, nothing is being sold, it is all about you have a source to talk to. Let it out. Get it off your chest. If you have any questions send me a text to 818.252.5682 www.lodge-co.com