13 Kingdom Operatives in the Marketplace - Christian Karega on Spirit-Centered Business

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Apr 02 2020 51 mins  
Christian Karega is a passionate entrepreneur with a full career in the business world. She has experience in organization transformation, international supply chain, product development, and asset management. With a B.S. in Engineering from Stanford University and a M.B.A. from Harvard Business School with distinction, Christian has launched several brands in 2019, including a premium beauty brand, Ayur Luxe and a snack foods business, Naturally Cravables. She currently teaches several classes at Bride Ministries International including Building Kingdom Businesses and Rapid Product Innovation (launching May 2020).TOPICS:Building Kingdom businessesOrganizational transformationProduct developmentEntrepreneurship requires more risk takingKPIs - Key Performance IndicatorsCorporate detoxingSmall business consultingBrand launchingPartner with the Spirit of WisdomAttend to your businessProtect your business in the spirit realm weeklyCustomer development over product developmentCulture shock from “religion” is growingSeparated work and spiritualLearn how to operate in the spirit realmFluent in spiritual thingsCarrying the government of God inside youAngelic assistanceBlessing your products & servicesGetting judgments from the courts of heavenBringing light & expanding the Kingdom one customer at a timeGetting your spiritual paperwork in orderHaving the resources of heaven at your disposalYour business is a realm in the spiritBuild it with JesusTending to your business & it’s realm regularlyPrayers are powerful, but temporalPreparing your business from a spiritual perspectiveMantel = Mission, Mandate = Permission, Mountain = PositionGovernmental access under the auspices of the KingOften counterintuitive to traditional business practicesNot capturing value created - undervaluingBeing Christian does NOT mean underprice yourselfNot about funding church activityYou are a part of God’s expansion strategy right where you areKingdom authorityGetting past gatekeepers in the spirit realmNon-compromising, significant businessesIntegrating and engaging our spirit in businessQUOTES:“Use technology to punch above your weight.”“Build the substance of faith in the spirit realm first.”“No matter if you have your business or are an employee, you are a Kingdom agent on assignment in the marketplace.”“Taking territory in your industry looks like declaring war to the enemy.” “You defend your business, but the King defends His business!”GOLD NUGGETS:1) It is Kingdom-advancing activity when you engage in business. You are declaring war and opposing the enemy, so you had better have your paperwork in order. Go to the court of heaven to get the mandate for your business.2) Businesses are conceived in the 3rd heaven with a vision, a dream, a desire. Then they are incubated in the 2nd heaven, and birthed, or manifested in the 1st heaven, Earth, through agreement and faith. 3) It’s not just about creating value, it’s about CAPTURING the value you create.ACADEMY TRAINING: Building a Kingdom BusinessJoin here: http://SpiritCenteredBusiness.com/academyLINKS:Christian’s Building Kingdom Businesses 6-week course begins April 7th. https://bridemovement.com/building-kingdom-business-with-christian-duval-2/Her Christian Business Podcast can be found every 3rd week on Discovering Truth with Dan Duval here: