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Mar 31 2020 120 mins  
#ChineseCommunistPartyVirus Nan Su of the Epoch Times joins us with updates on what is really happening in China. Why is the WHO covering for the CCP and China? Why did the CCP hide this virus from the world? They had it since 2015 in experiments on primates. What are the real numbers in light of 21 million fewer cell phone users in China? Would the Chinese people living in rural areas be prepared to have handled this? Bernie Sanders touts China's handling of their poor, is releasing a killer virus his idea of handling them?

#RESETAmericanFoundation Pastor Greg discusses the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bible. How are We the People overseeing our representatives? Where do we get our freedoms, our liberty and our authority?

#CoronaFacts Ken LaCorte founder of LaCorte News joins us to discuss the news that the media will not share with us. How is America really handling the CCP Virus? Where are supplies going and how are we doing in getting a handle on this? What other news is happening?

#HealthCareinCrisis Matt Bellis Liberty Healthshare discusses how socialism and socialist medicine are sadly failing in the midst of this crisis. Italy has been depending on socialized medicine for years and they are woefully ill prepared to handle this crisis.