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Apr 01 2020 120 mins  
#MediaBias Dan Gainor VP MRC TechWatch, Business and Culture, Media Research Center @newsbusters @theMRC joins us to discuss the medias confusing narratives that are always attacking the President and seem focused on sensationalization and creating fear. Aspirator and N-95 Mask shortages, Hospitals over filled, no beds, no Doctors no help in sight, these are the rants of the liberal media. What about Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, who thanked the President for securing approval for the use of hydroxycholorquinine with Azithromycin. The doctor is a general practitioner in a Hasidic community, which is hit hard by Coronavirus — about 60 percent have the illness. He has had a 100 percent success rate with the drugs, using it on 350 patients. Where are these success stories?

SCOTUSsetsBarforRacistClaims Horace Cooper Co Chair of the Project 21 Black Leadership Network of National Center which applauds the Justices for voting to cause claims of racism to actually have to prove racism and not just use it as a hammer. A plaintiff must prove that a denial of a contract was based solely on racism and not on any other mitigating factors. Performance and quality should be the deciding factors and race should not play a role. This decision makes it easier to pursue real racism and to make it easier for companies to simply choose the very best candidate for the contract.

#ConstitutionVsSafety David Shestokas Constitutional Attorney Expert discusses the continued government shut/stay in place orders. Where is the line to defend and preserve liberty? What about churches and religious services? In Florida a Pastor has been arrested for holding services. His argument that the church is the hospital for the soul and He asks the question why are abortion clinics that kill babies essential but churches that save lives especially during this kind of life and death pandemic are not? What does the constitution say?

PhysiciansViewofCCPVirus Dr. Jon Baugh is Treating COVID-19 Patients Dr. Baugh is the Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder of Remote Health Solutions, a tele-medicine company. Dr Baugh will discuss what he is seeing and what he believes we should be doing.

What if our Hospitals get Overwhelmed ?

Just yesterday the Governor of California issue a Statewide Mandate to stay in your home. His medical experts estimate that more than half of California's population, some 20 Million people, will be infected by Coronavirus over the next 2 months.

IF that turns out to be true, our hospitals would be overwhelmed. We've seen hospitals in Italy and in China overrun. In that event most people would stay home sick. What would we do to provide care to those people and not infect medical staff?

Dr. Jon Baugh and his team at Remote Health Solutions believe they have the answer. "We are already conducting on a daily basis the remote patient monitoring and telemedicine services that can be used in the fight against Coronavirus. For us, using our equipment and Care Teams to fight COVID-19 is just a natural extension of the work we already do for the chronically-ill Medicare patient population. We are not opportunists regarding COVID-19 as we have been in the telemedicine business for three years supporting the elderly with chronic illnesses as well as our military medics deployed around the world. Our business only does two things... we field world class telemedicine systems and capabilities to the US military medical community and we provide telemedicine and remote patient monitoring (or RPM) services to the chronically-ill Medicare patient population Nationwide."

How would this work for an average citizen who is sick?
What are you seeing in your remote monitoring of Coronavirus Patients?
What are your thoughts on Hydroxychloroquine and other potential treatments?
Tell us what your best advice for people to do is right now?
Are you working with the Trump Administration / Government to make Remote Health Solutions available to everyone?