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Apr 02 2020 120 mins  
#DefendingCaretoDisabled Roger Severino Directo of Civil Liberties within HHS will be on to discuss the efforts to selectively exclude care to the disabled and aged that is being proposed by legislators and state governments. The Trump administration is adamantly opposed to such disregard for life and the least of these among us. Director Severino is drawing attention to this trend and asking for our help to call representatives and demand fair and equal treatment.

#WhyPlannedParenthoodOverChurches Chelsey Youmen Texas State Director of the Human Coalition joins us to ask why Planned Parenthood and the ending of the life of the innocent are a priority of the Democratic leadership, namely Pelosi and Schumer, at a time when we are so focused on saving lives or so we thought. Also, why is the kliiling of babies an essential but not the saving of lives which the church does so well. Suicide is on the rise and there is no greater defense for this horrific evil than faith and the love a church expresses through the message of the Cross and Father God.

#InvestmentGold Dr Tom Barrett joins us to discuss the strategies you can use in these trying times to protect your assets and even grow your investments for the future.

#TrumpSawChinaDanger Victor Davis Hanson joins Pastor Greg to discuss President Trump's foresight before becoming President to see the existential threat that China was posing to the world through its currency manipulation practices, trade inequalities, stealing of intellectual properties, nuclear and military build up, creation of man made islands and dominance of supply lines. As Nan Su of the Epoch Times recently said on this show, China is the greatest threat to modern man in its entire history both by what it has accomplished and by its absolute commitment to the destruction of all other forms of government and thought.