The numbers mindset that might be hurting your podcast

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Apr 03 2020 22 mins  
The numbers mindset that might be hurting your podcast is the title of The Brand Messaging Podcast Wait What Really OK S5.E09.N101 hosted by Brand Messaging Strategist Loren Weisman.

Are you focusing on numbers that only help the ego and end up hurting your authority and your show?

The perception and this view that numbers are the answer is showing it self to hurt the authentic numbers dramatically with true audience engagement these days. This focus that has been fed from the marketing gurus and ad hype types is starting to annoy those fans that want to engage, but at the same time want to feel engaged.

When podcasters and content creators push this forced and overly dominating messaging of like, share, follow, review, buy and follow, it can feel disrespectful to those that already have. Mixing this with a focus of asking for more numbers of listens, can completely turn off an audience.

Take in to consideration that your it is not your audiences job to market you and that as you pressure in shows, in content and keep a focus on wanting more than that audience, you may end up turning more of that audience away.

A more humble approach with a focus on the content, on the distribution of the content and the way your content or podcast invites people to it will help at this time to differentiate yourself as well as well in to the future.

S5.E09.#101 The numbers mindset that might be hurting your podcast.

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The numbers mindset that might be hurting your podcast