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Apr 08 2020 120 mins  
#MediaManipulation Dan Gainor Media Research Center and Newsbusters VP of Business and Sales and Tech joins us to discuss the on going Media efforts to manipulate the narrative and not report on the news. WHCA withdraws OANN but inserts Phoenix reporter with direct ties to CCP. This followed by outrage expressed when the White House invites OANN back and directs a question from them. Still no coverage on Biden's Ukraine connection. No mention of the IG Report which outlined 42 cases of FISA malfeasance.

#ProblemsatSea Clare Lopez former CIA Operative and founder of Lopez Liberty LLC discusses the USS Theodore Roosevelt and the resignation of the Acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly after he terminated to commission of Captain Brett Crozier whose ship was infected with CCP Virus and who may have leaked the story to his local paper. A nuclear sub that has had semi classified information released to the general public through this letter. The larger issue related to the number of service members who resigned during the Obama administration due to the policies that were put in place. Social experimentation and leading from behind had put our military at risk. Many highly qualified members at the rank of Major and Captain and hig level NCO's retired rather than stay in and serve under those circumstances.

#ConstitutionViolated DAvid Shestokas Constitutional Sound Bites Attorney and Constitutional Expert discusses the actions of the Governors who have restricted the freedoms of Americans in areas where there is no current threat. How far is too far? Is there a dangerous precedent being set? Have Americans been the frog boiling in the pot?

#CCPVirusResponse Van Hipp a National Security expert discusses the President's response to the CCP Virus. His views on the Chinese Communist Party and the long term impact of America changing dependence off of China to produce from within. What would Eisenhower do?