Orange County School Board Candidate Dayna Gaut shares

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Apr 15 2020 32 mins  
This wonderfully intelligent and amazing woman ran for a school board seat. She lost not on her authority, but unfortunately on choosing to listen to the directions of campaign types that muted her authenticity and seemed to make her come off like any another candidate.

I still leave this episode up for what she stood for early in the campaign and how she started on such a great footing.

Orange County School Board Candidate Dayna Gaut shares her views on education is the title of The Wait What Really OK Brand Messaging Podcast, s5.E7.#103 hosted by Brand Messaging Strategist Loren Weisman.

Educational Steward and Liaison Dayna Gaut shares her views on education, ending the school year now and the removal of state testing for students.

Dayna Gaut brings a connecting and engaging take to education and education in this stay at home time. A candidate for the Orange County School Board District 4 in Florida, Dayna shares an array of information that is wonderful for her district but also for other schools around the country. Her views are anchored in the children of course, but she also is looking at the bigger picture from the parents to the teachers to the administration.

She is a proponent of ending the school year now. She believes that the state testing for students is doing more harm than good and she wants to see better relationships and a greater understanding between parents and teachers.

A Doctoral Candidate with a focus on Educational Leadership, Dayna Gaut believes that communication and understanding between the parents, teachers and the administration can create the catalyst that is needed for the change that can create the greatest impact in the long run.

And it is not about parents doing more. Some are fine where they are. It is about understanding what parents can and can not do, just as what teachers can and can not do as well. A balance in understanding can create the shifts to reduce stress, increase learning and bring out the best in everyone.

Even in the quarantine, she shares an empathetic view with parents and wants them to know they are doing just fine.

Dayna states "even though so many are feeling overwhelmed, parents are doing a good enough job with schooling right now. They are more than enough! Most parents are unaware that it is not distance learning. This is emergency schooling which is an entirely different animal that we've never seen before."

One of the things she brought up was that she would be involved regardless of the win, I hope even in the loss, she does follow through.

Orange County School Board Candidate Dayna Gaut shares. s5.E7.#103.

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Orange County School Board Candidate Dayna Gaut shares