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Apr 16 2020 25 mins  
#ExposingDeepState Scott Uehlinger Former CIA Station Chief assesses the subpoena process being used by John Durham Us Attorney and the convening of the Grand Jury. So far we know about Perjury by Brennan and Clapper for testifying that the President was not a target before Congress. What has been done behind the scenes? With all that has been done against the President of the United States and all the spying that was done to him how much house cleaning is necessary? Can John Durham get all the guilty parties?
The Deep State Issue goes well beyond the high command like we were led to believe. How else does Roger Stone have a commando raid on his house after Comey, McCabe, Strojk and Page are all gone? Estimates are that as much as 55% of the force is comprised of Obama and Deep State loyalists that are out to get the President.