Episode 820 - What Have You Done With Your Lockdown Time?

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Apr 21 2020 39 mins  
Everyone that has had to live through this lockdown for Covid-19 has had a lot of downtime. How have you spent your time? I have received many emails from people telling me how they have done things to better themselves, create cash, and by helping others. They are amazing stories by amazing people all around the world. Time well spent is a blessing to you and to others. We also have the matter of politicians playing politics, Nancy is so proud of how much Ice Cream she has in her home and ignores how Americans are suffering during this shutdown. Worse story I have ever seen is a politician having her ice cream and ignores the pain of Americans. The most disgusting political statement ever. Americans, small businesses, are trying to survive and ask that the economy be reopened before more harm is done to this great nation called America. I am personally so proud of Americans who are standing up and saying, "Let me work again". People need to start talking again, they need that interaction with people. They need to tell their story and their pain. I am opening my zoom line to give people the ability to talk with me from 5 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. eastern time. Send me a text to 818.252.5682 and text "TALK" and I will respond with a time and a link to my zoom conference room and we will talk. Open to anyone with the feeling they would like to get things off their chest. Let's talk.