Episode 822 - America's Economy Being Killed Off By A Virus

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Apr 23 2020 33 mins  
American had a great economy. We were at the top of the world as a global economy We were the leaders. Then the Corona virus came from China, China lied about the virus, WHO did nothing, and then Government paniced and the American people went into hiding in their homes. This lockdown created a bigger economic problem that we will have to rebuilt over the coming years. It will take time for small business to rebuild. We allowed a virus to destroy an economy because of bad numbers going into their predictions. Remember, first the CDC said over 2,000,000 people would die, then it went down to 200,000 and then down to 60,000, and as of today the number is way way below what was originally predicted that caused panic. Now it is time for us to go back to opening our businesses and getting back to the task of rebuilding our economy. If we don't do it soon even more small businesses will die. I have two new books on Amazon that I have written - Corona, Remember When and Daily Strategy, Mediating Business and Life Go to my website at www.lodge-co.com and the links are there to the books. Read a book!If you have any questions or need to talk, send me a text to 818.252.5682 www.lodge-co.com