Episode 823 - Good Managers Coach During Lock Down

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Apr 25 2020 19 mins  
During this lock down period you have the best opportunity to sit down and work with employees on coaching. I have been talking to you in my podcasts about ramping up your business in preparation for the green light for us to go back to our offices and businesses. One process you should be doing is looking at the employees you are going to bring back and begin coaching them. You know their strengths but you need to work on their weaknesses and talk about your plan to ramp up. If you have no plan, if your not working on the key people you are bringing back through coaching, you will have a rough rampup. If you don't know how to coach go onto Linkedin and take their free classes. Encourage your employees to take these classes online. Maybe do one a week of online learning. But you have the ability to learn how to coach. Then begin coaching. If you are not coaching your staff then you probably should not be in management. Your team is not all about you. Understand that and you will do something to be a better leader through coaching. If you have questions send me a text at 818.252.5682 www.lodge-co.comBUY A BOOK: Go to my website at www.lodge-co.com and buy one of my three books. Read during the lock down.