Episode 825 - Has Trump Become Benedict Donald To Business?

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Apr 28 2020 28 mins  
Remember what the President said when he was running for President and all of his rallies that he would always protect business, jobs and farmers. Remember that? I do and I want you to know that what I am seeing now is a spinless President that has bent over and let the Democrats and Bureaucrats take over and completely destroy this nations economy, small business and our healthcare system. Hospitals are sitting empty. Businesses are failing and going out of business. Farmers are ordered to destroy their milk and animals, and yet imported meats are being brought into the United States. What happened to this President that use to stand up for the American people and now he and the Governors are willing to destroy the lives of healthy Americans. Taking away their right to worship in their churches. Facebook is censoring speech. And business owners are now hungry and waiting in food bank lines. What happened to this President? He has kicked business to the side and become a Benedict Donald. If you have any questions or comments, send me a text to 818.252.5682BUY A BOOK - I have three books on www.amazon.com - Daily Strategy, Corona (humor) and Ethically Thinking by Michael Lodge.