#OpenTexas David Covey @GAWTP Letter to Governor Abbott

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May 01 2020 30 mins  
The Honorable Greg Abbott
Governor of the State of Texas
P.O. Box 12428
Austin, Texas 78711
April 17, 2020
Dear Governor Abbott:
The Chinese Coronavirus pandemic and the government-ordered responses to it are
devastating the Texas economy and imposing untold harm on Texas families. The additional
burden of the Russia-Saudi Arabia oil fight has compounded the economic drag.
Thankfully, infections, hospitalizations, and even deaths have fallen far short of the worst-case
scenarios some had projected. The virus appears to be on the decline worldwide and especially
in Texas very soon – if not already.
Texas should enact a clearly communicated and citizen-driven plan to prudently and carefully
return Texans to work, to church, and possibly back to school.
State Reps. Matt Krause and Mike Lang sent excellent recommendations, presenting strong
suggestions on how to move the economy again and stand Texans back on their feet. Those
recommendations include removing the distinction between “essential” and “non-essential”
businesses; allowing restaurants, gyms, salons, and other businesses to reopen provided they
take commonsense measures to maintain social distancing; and, continuing to waive
regulations already waived for an extended and defined period.
Both sets of suggestions are strong on “recommendations” and short on mandates. That is as it
should be; trust your fellow Texans to self-govern. Lang and Krause offer a roadmap which, if
correctly implemented, would do much to assist hardworking Texans in restoring normalcy and
our state’s economy.
A number of other ideas should be prudently reviewed and considered. For example, we
strongly encourage you to re-open the state’s parks. Similarly, please force local entities to lift
the onerous restrictions they have foisted on Texans and curtail their ability to impose others.
Few are expecting or proposing an immediate lifting of all restrictions and recommendations
imposed by the state as we seek to recover from this pandemic, but every restrictive order that
remains must be justified with facts and accompanied by clearly communicated standards
and timelines for its lifting.
The people of Texas are strong and resilient. They have shown – both in this crisis and in every
previous crisis – that they are willing to sacrifice for their neighbors in times of need.


They deserve the kind of leadership from their state officials that works
with them to chart a course to recovery and an end to this diminished
status quo.
Governor Abbott, Texans are once again looking to you to lead.
For a strong, free, and prosperous Texas, *
Daniel A. Greer, Executive Director, Direct Action Texas
Ross Kecseg, President, Empower Texans
JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director, Grassroots America – We the People
Rachel Malone, Texas Director, Gun Owners of America
Teresa Beckmeyer, Public Policy Director, Saulsbury Family
Tim Lambert, President, Texas Home School Coalition
James J. Graham, President, Texas Right to Life
Julie McCarty, CEO, True Texas Project
The Honorable Matt Rinaldi, former State Representative, District 115
Farris and Jo Ann Wilks, Cisco HD 60, SD 28, CD 11
LTC Allen West (USA, Ret), candidate for Chairman, Republican Party of
Texas; former Member 112th US Congress, Ft Lauderdale Tea Party, SD 2
Cathie Adams, 1st VP, Eagle Forum, Former Chair Republican Party of
Texas, SD 8
Mark Meckler, President, Convention of States Action, SD 14
Manfred Wendt, Executive Director, Young Conservatives of Texas, SD 10
Cindi Castilla, President, Texas Eagle Forum, SD 16
Carol Adams, Precinct Chair, Denton County Republican Party, SD 12
MaryAnne Aiken, Board Member, Grassroots America, SD 1
Sharron Albertson, Texas Director, National Life Chain, SD 8
Karen Albright, past President, Freestone County TEA Party, SD 5
Ross Allan, Texans4Truth, SD 5


Betty Anderson, President, Montgomery County Eagle Forum, SD 4
Sam Anderson, Precinct Chair, Denton County GOP; Events Coordinator,
Flower Mound Area Republican Club, SD 12
Shirley Anderson, Precinct Chair, Smith County GOP; Grassroots America, SD 1
LaDaune Ashley, Precinct Chair, Brazoria County Republican Party, SD 11
Tami Andrews, East Texans for Liberty, SD 1
Jennifer Audet, past President, East Texans for Liberty PAC, SD 1
Russ Bafford, Sr., past President, Robson Ranch Republican Club, SD 12
Deborah Bailey, past Secretary, San Angelo TEA Party, SD 28
Brett Baldwin, Precinct Chairman, Collin County Republican Party, SD 8
Jim Barnes, President, McAllen/Hidalgo County TEA Party; Valley
Conservative Newsletter Editor, SD 20
Anna Bartosh, Treasurer, San Angelo TEA Party; Legislative Chair, San
Angelo Republican Women, SD 28
John Beckmeyer, Chairman, Mitchell County GOP; former SREC SD 28
Annette Bennett, Precinct Chair, Gillespie County Republican Party,
Fredericksburg Tea Party, SD 24
Geri Bentley, Treasurer, Clear Lake Tea Party, SD 11
Bill Bingham, Board Member, Bryan/College Station Tea Party; former
Precinct Chair, Brazos County Republican Party, SD 5
Suzanne Blackstone, past President, Golden Corridor; Plano Citizen's
Coalition, SD 12
Tammy Blair, past Chairman, Cherokee County Republican Party; Board
Member, East Texans for Liberty, SD 1
Elena Blake, Precinct Chair, Dallas County Republican Party; President,
Irving Republican Women, SD 16
Rick Briscoe, Legislative Director, Open Carry Texas, SD 25
Janie Brittain, Steering Committee Member, Garland Tea Party; Dallas
Eagle Forum, SD 16
Kristin Browne, Chair, Mitchell County Republican Party, SD 28
K.C. Broyles, Vice President, Clear Lake Tea Party, SD 11


Wes Brumit, Chair, Voices of Conservatism and Liberty PAC (VOCAL), SD 1
Felisha Bull, Texas Marketing Director, Gun Owners of America, SD 14
Adam Cahn, Austin political blogger, Cahnman’s Musings, SD 21
Kelly Canon, VP Legislative Affairs, Arlington Republican Club, Precinct
Chair, Tarrant County Republican Party, SD 10
David Carter, Central Texas TEA Party & John Birch Society, SD 24
Nancy Carter, Administrative Assistant, Texas Values, SD 25
Janna Castloo, Chair, Wood County Republican Party, SD 1
Della Clark, Charter member, Grassroots America - We the People, SD 1
Ernie Clark, past President, Grassroots America - We the People, SD 1
Dr. Dwayne "Doc" Collins, Founder & Chairman, Edom TEA Party, SD 2
Mark Coppock, Board Member/Organizer, Bryan/College Station Tea Party;
Precinct Chair, Brazos County Republican Party, SD 5
Nancy Coppock, Organizer, Bryan/College Station Tea Party, SD 5
Sylvia Coulson, Vice Chair, Ellis County Republican Party, SD 22
Connie Curry, Founder, West Texas Conservative Leadership, SD 28
Nancy Dillard, President, Denton County Conservative Coalition, SD 12
Don Dixon, Longtime transportation reform activist & blogger, SD 25
Frank Dobrovolny, President, Cherokee County Texas Republican Club, SD 3
Jim & Char Doonan, Lake Country Republicans; past Coordinator, Wood
County Tea Party, SD 1
Carol Doucet, Co-founder, Conservative Society of Navarro County and
Navarro County TEA Party, SD 22
Jack Dubose, Chair, Real County Republican Party; former SREC SD 19
Terri DuBose, Precinct Chair, Real County GOP, former SREC SD 19
Trevor Dupuy, Founder & Coordinator, Horseshoe Bay Conservative Caucus, SD 24
Sheri Edwards, Precinct Chairman, Brazoria County Republican Party, SD 11
Sharon Emmert, self-retired Smith County Commissioner, Charter Member,
Grassroots America - We the People, SD 1


Maria Espinoza, Co-Founder & National Director, The Remembrance
Project, SD 17
Sue Evenwel, SREC, SD 1; Chair, Titus County Republican Party
Toni & Tom Fabry, Chairman & Treasurer, Frisco TEA Party, SD 12
Chris Fails, Advisor, Young Conservatives of Texas; former Mayor,
Hollywood Park, SD 25
Dave & Mary Fallert, Lone Star Coalition, SD 2
Jennifer Fleck, Concerned Women of America, SD 24
Davis Ford, Vice President, Central Texas TEA Party, SD 24
Rebecca Forest, President, Women on the Wall, SD 24
Terry Frady, Treasurer, Harlingen Tea Party, SD 27
Rena & David French, Founder Patriot Members, Grassroots America – We
the People, SD 3
Bill & Patty Gallagher, Principal, Primadata Liberty Center, SD 2
Alejandro Gauna, Founder, Texas Minority Coalition, SD 1
Natalie Genco, Precinct Chair, Tarrant County Republican Party; President,
Colleyville Republican Club, SD 10
Gene "GiGi" Gervasi, Collin County Republican Club, SD 8
Catherine Gibb, Plano Conservative Activist, SD 8
Mike Giles, Treasurer, McKinney Tea Party; Founder, Grassroots McKinney;
Board Member, Hispanic Republican Club of North Texas, SD 8
Jill Glover, Precinct Chair, Denton County Republican Party; SREC SD 12
Dan Golvach, The Remembrance Project, Houston
Lori Granados, President, Central Texas Republican Assembly, SD 14
Suezette Griffin, Board, Clear Lake TEA Party, President, Pearland Tea Party, SD 11
Deborah Grimes, Communications Director, Project Fort Worth, SD 10
Suzanne Guggenheim, President, Coastal Bend Tea Party; President, Coastal
Bend Republicans, SD 20
Sharon Guthrie, Precinct Chair, past Secretary, Smith County Republican
Party, Tyler, SD 1


Terri Hall, Founder/Director, Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom
(TURF) and Texans for Toll-free Highways, SD 24
David Halvorson, SREC SD 12
Maria Hammerlein, Executive Director, Immigration Reform Coalition of
Texas, SD 24
Barbara Harless, Co-Founder, North Texas Citizens Lobby, SD 8
Robin White Hayes, Chair, Eastland County Republican Party, SD 28
Carole Haynes, Ph.D., Founder, American Citizens Matter, SD 12
David Heckert, Texans4Truth, SD 5
Lisa Hendrickson, former Chair, Denton County Republican Party, SD 12
Jim Herblin, Precinct Chair, Collin County Republican Party, SD 30
Marty Hiles, President, Texas Concerned Citizens, SD 22
Beth Hollingsworth, Lone Star Coalition SD 2; Red Texas Forum, SD 2
Greg Holton, Regional Captain, Convention of States Action - Texas, SD 12
Mary & Dale Huls, former Secretary & President, Clear Lake TEA Party, SD 1
Jeremiah Hunter, 2018 Delegate, Republican Party of TX Convention, SD 1
Lola Hurt, Pre