Episode 829 - The Story Of The Lockdown Gets Worse

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May 03 2020 35 mins  
Hayden was 12 years old, about ready to turn 13. Stuck in isolation from the lockdown made him do something no parent would ever think would happen. He went up to his room and hung himself. Isolation from the lockdown created a mental health condition that made him choose to take his life. Isolation from a lockdown demanded by government politicians. This virus and the bad decision to lockdown has created so much damage to our people. Businesses going under, no money coming into families, people sitting in lines at food banks, mental health issues being ignored, and the list goes on. Every Governor that imposed this lockdown has destroyed people's lives and need to be held accountable. Businesses, rise up, open up, and get back to business. Pastors, rise up, open up, and get back to preaching and ministering. Politicians, stay out of Americans way, we no longer trust you and it is time for you to answer for what you have done. If anyone need to talk to someone, my zoom line is open, send me a text to 818.252.5682 and I will send you a link to my zoom line. I am here to talk. If you are in business, and need advice or direction, talk with me. I am here for you. www.lodge-co.com