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May 11 2020 120 mins  
#ChinaMustPay #SetFlynnFree #EconomicOutlook Rick Manning President Americans for Limited Government joins us to discus the Chinese roll in the shutdown of America and the damage it has done. Michael Flynn documents revealed this past Friday clearly show a plot to frame him in order to get to a Presidential candidate of the party that opposed the party of the then President. Is this now the greatest scandal in our history? How can the former President with this evidence out there say dropping chargs against Flynn violates the Rule of Law with his prints upon the greatest travesty of justice in our nations history?

#DogHeroes Will Chesney presents his hero No Ordinary Dog is not what you are expecting; this is not a normal war memoir. Yes Will was a Navy SEAL who served at the highest level. Yes, he was there when we killed Osama bin Laden. But this is a story about someone else who was there: Cairo. Cairo was the only dog chosen to be with us that night in Abbottabad, Pakistan, but that is not the only time we served with him. I personally fought next to Cairo in many different theaters of war but also trained with him around the globe.

#SetFlynnFree #WhatYouBelieve Julio Rivera Reactionary Times together with Pastor Greg we delve into what e believe. How much is influenced by environment? What makes one person accept liberal thought while another believes conservative ideals? One might grown up around liberal ideology. Another around conservative ideology. Some around a mix. How does one get to their conclusions? Also what are the implications of the Flynn revelations and how does that impact the Durhm case? Did John Durham already know this from his investigation and did it turn his case into a possible criminal indictments?

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