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May 15 2020 120 mins  
#ItsAllAboutTheirHate Don Jans Author Speaker Expert on Marxism and Socialism One of the main marks of the Marxists and socialists is their incessant hate. They find an emotional sore spot and they work the crowd into an emotional frenzy and they focus on getting their followers to channel that hatred and anger and bitterness. God says be angry but do not sin. God has His wrath stirred by unrighteousness. But what is the focus?

#BePrepared Jake Ward President of the Connected Commerce Council (3C), a membership organization for small businesses empowered by digital tools and technology discusses the challenges small businesses are facing and the solutions that his company is advocating for.

#DefendTheConstitution Patrick Wood joins us to discuss the Constitution, Shutter Orders, Technocrats who run around pretending to be Patriots, General Flynn and draining the swamp.

#WhereAreTheChristians George Barna Head of The Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University discusses his latest polls and what they reveal to us.