DOUGLAS PRESTON - Verses For The Dead

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May 16 2020 51 mins  
He’s the author (or co-author) of nearly 40 books and has written both riveting fictional suspense and gripping non-fiction exposé. More than 20 of his books have ascended the New York Times Bestseller list and several have topped the list as #1 Bestsellers.He has traveled around the world, lived in a number of countries, and won awards for his work both in America and abroad. He has explored the jungles of Central America where he worked with a team, beset by torrential rain, quickmud, disease-carrying insects, jaguars, and deadly snakes as they searched for a lost city.He has also spent time in Italy, researching the files of one of Italy’s most notorious serial killers. He recounts that experience during our conversation. We also discuss working with a writing partner, as he does for the Award-Winning series featuring FBI agent Aloysius Pendergast.Last week, I was asked in a writing group if an author could write both fiction and non-fiction. Today, we’re going to talk with someone who has won a long list of accolades for doing exactly that. His work is in print. His work is on the big screen. His work has, and is, being developed into Television Series. World renowned author, Douglas Preston takes us on today’s adventure…