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May 18 2020 120 mins  
#Whistleblowers @RichardManning Americans for Limited Government discusses how the left continues to use the "whistleblower" card and how the media props them up. Our dearly departed friend Phil Haney whose murder investigation continues with absolutely no news whatsoever was castigated for ten years for blowing the whistle on Obama Administration treason which continues to this day.
#TraitorsGetJustice @EricCJ former Secret Service Agent who traveled the world on special missions that defended our country and our constitution and authored the book Switched On discusses Ref Unmasking a few observations:
The dozens of US Gov’t folks asking to unmask is concerning & I don’t see 1 DOJ Rep or an FBI working agent on the Grenell memo to Grassley. These folks “colluded” w the media and leaked classified info to attempted a coup. That’s NOT hyperbole! All the blackout is CIA folks...boy I’ve never seen this many politicians interested in a counter- Intel Russian case!!
I do predict John Durham the CT US Attorney appointed by Barr to review the origins of the Russian investigation to determine if it was lawful & appropriate will charge / indict former officials false statements and leaking class info to press.
#ReopenRallies #PelosiMustGo DeAna Lorraine former Congressional Candidate and Grassroots Activist and Leader of National Prayer Call discusses the reopen California rallies she has attended and the acts of Pelosi.

#VirusResponse #PelosiPoisonPill #JoeBiden Lowell Ponte Former Editor for Readers Digest and Radio Host discusses the response to the virus and the lives lost because of it. Pelosi and her poison pill legislation. Joe Biden in 1993 wanted to be the next Bill Clinton.