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May 20 2020 120 mins  
#MediaMadness Dan Gainor Newsbusters Media Research Center discusses the medias continued obsession with TDS. How they have driven the panic and how they seem to be angry that States and their Citizens are demanding reopenings. Where was the media on SCOTUS BridgeGate decision? What about Justices who voted that illegal immigrants that commit violent crimes or for that matter legal immigrants within their probationary period that commit violent crimes should get to stay here? China's coup in Hong Kong in direct violation of the 1997 treaty? Breonna Taylor was killed by Police when her house was the site of a no Knock warrant even though the address on the warrant was for a different residence. She was a Nurse and EMT working the front line in ER at two hospitals in Louisville.

#NoCollusion Deroy Murdock Project 21 Black Leadership Network discusses the facts around the three years that were wasted pursuing a none existent Russian Collusion supposedly between President Trump's campaign and Russian operatives. These false allegations led to Gen Flyn and Carter Paige and Roger Stone and Rick Gates all having their rights variously violated.

#BridgeGate #SCOTUS #GovernorsSued David Shestokas our Constitutional Attorney breaks down a number of critical cases including Judge Sulivan's latest illegal actions against General Flynn, SCOTUS Decision in BridgeGate, Barr Vs Barton and Governors who are being sued for illegal house arrest orders and are losing those cases.

#CorporateEthics Justin Danhof Director of the Free Enterprise Project for National Center discusses the battle to make American Corporations balance between liberal and conservativ ideologies on their Board of Directors.